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Get Current EV is your premier Venom EV and Street Legal Golf Cart Provider.

Adaptable to any environment, Venom EV offers a unique riding experience, designed for your adventurous lifestyle on the streets or on the links. Venom EV carts offer a combination of luxury, unique features, stylish design, and versatility, catering to your unique driving needs and personal style.



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Get to know the Luxury, Class, and Personality of Venom EV Carts. Choose how your present yourself, show your style, persona, and sense of adventure… in the cut de sac of your neigborhood, the competitive atmosphere of the golf course, or Main Street U.S.A”. Either way, Venom EV will change what you think you know about golf carts.

The “D” Model

Reinventing the Way to Get Around

Welcome to a vision of you cruising the neighborhood, turning heads. Envy is inevitable! The “D” model is faster, sleeker and a triumph of value. Prepare for boundless exploration, excitement, and equipped with MacPherson independent front suspension and robust bride springs… which makes for the smoothest ride. The “D” model is our premier model, a fusion of enduring strength, remarkable endurance, and charm. The answer to your irresistible call to adventure


Battery: 100aH Lithium
Motor: KDS (5KW)
Charger: Vehicle-load charger, 52V/25A
Headlights/Taillights: LED, daytime running lights
Braking System: Hydraulic 4-wheel disc brake
Tire/Wheel Size: 22 x 10 x14
Passenger Capacity: 2, 4, or 6 Seats
LSV Weight: 1102 Lbs
Maximum Speed: 25 mph


Benz Class Luxury

Meet the G Wagon our dynamic sports car variant. Zipping through at a breezy 25 mph, with a streamlined front, it’s the talk of the town. Conceived for opulence and style, this sophisticated Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) surpasses your expectations of a luxury electric golf cart. This street legal golf cart is designed for imaginative travel. The G Wagon transforms the mundane into extraordinary, setting a new standard for golf cart design.

Model Info

Battery: 100aH Lithium
Motor: KDS (5KW)
Charger: Vehicle-load charger, 52V/25A
Headlights/Taillights: LED, daytime running lights
Braking System: Hydraulic 4-wheel disc brakes
Tire Size: 22 x 10 x14
Passenger Capacity: 4 or 6 Seaters
LSV Weight: 1102 Lbs
Maximum Speed: 25 Mph


For Those Born to Golf

Presenting our fleet collection, crafted with athletic Taste in mind and a flair that matches the lushness of the greens! Fully loaded with familiar amenities and elements that elevate your experience. Top notch features like ball washers, club carriers, and even a cooler to add a little extra refreshment to your game. The fleet model boasts standard perks like a Dazzling and functional LED screen, stylish wheels and Apple CarPlay and Android Audio for your entertainment. Choose between lifted or non-lifted options. Our Fleet Cart – a must have for distinguished golf enthusiasts.


Battery: 100aH Lithium
Motor: KDS (5KW)
Charger: Vehicle-load charger, 48V/25A
Headlights/Taillights: LED, daytime running lights
Braking System: Hydraulic 4-wheel disc brakes
Tire Size: 22 x 10 x14
Passenger Capacity: 2 Seater 
LSV Weight: 1102 Lbs
Maximum Speed: 25 Mph

A Tailored Approach and Design for Your Distinctive Needs

At Get Current EV, we listen to your unique preferences and the requirements you have in mind for your next cart. We specialize in providing customized solutions in 2, 4, and 6-seat options and various amazing colors. Your electric vehicle will perfectly reflect your personal style and exceed your expectations!

Sophisticated Design and Comfort Combined with Superior Functionality and Handling!

Our vehicles aren’t just transportation; they’re statements! Inside, the custom stitching screams luxury with an edge. We’ve brought safety and convenience to a new level with electromagnetic parking and fully adjustable and foldable rear-view mirrors complete with fierce turn signals. Performance? Unrivaled! Handling? Razor sharp thanks to LED headlamps that cut through the darkness like a blade, featuring low and high beams, steering light, and clearance lamps. The hydraulic four-wheel disc brakes that stop on a dime! Control? Exceptional with the bidirectional rack and pinion steering system. The ride? It is as smooth as it is bold, courtesy of Macpherson's independent suspension and aluminum alloy pedal that feels like power underfoot.

Advanced Connectivity Features are Standard

You’ll be blown away by the features we offer as standard equipment on our Venom EV carts! Our massive 10.1-inch LCD Touchscreen is leading the charge, the biggest in the market. You can seamlessly connect to Apple CarPlay or Android Audio, bringing your favorite apps and tunes to your fingertips. With Bluetooth capabilities, your phone becomes part of the adventure. To personalize your ride, you can adjust the brightness, tweak the driver settings, and even switch up the language. Adjustable EQ/Audio settings tailored to the music genre. Parking is a breeze with a park-assisted view, which can be turned on or off at will—hazard lights for any of those just in case moments. To keep you connected on the go, we loaded up the ports-12V, USB, and PD (type C) to meet your communication and charging needs! Get Current EV’s Venom Carts are not just vehicles; they’re tech hubs on wheels that bring the fun every time you slide!

Competitive APR Financing

At Get Current EV, we are all about convenience, right down to the financing. We offer competitive APR financing and ease of application. Simple CLICK HERE.

Outstanding Customer Support

We service what we sell and provide total warranty maintenance. Find Venom EV warranty information HERE.

Coming Soon-Rentals!

Not ready to commit and purchase but still want to enjoy the ride? We will soon be offering rentals!

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