We intended this model to inspire you, to get outside, and motivate you to explore. The D Model is adaptable to all the conditions, and not for the faint of heart.
Introducing a new way to slide around town. Your neighborhood rival should be jealous! – Your cart’s quicker, smoother, and more affordable…

So, whether you’re taking The D off-road, or down Main Street… rest assured… it will rise to the occasion and make you want to buy your last toy, first.


Cart Lengths:
4-Passenger: 119”
6-Passenger: 144″
2-Passenger: 8.3″

Cart Heights:
Lifted: 80.5”
Non-Lifted: 76.5″

Tire Sizes:
Lifted: 22×10-14
Non-Lifted: 21.5/25-14

The Heart of Our Cart:
52V(FJ controller)
100aH Lithium Battery
KDS motor(5KW)
Max Sale Speed: 25 Mph
Vehicle-load charger: 52V

Street-Legal Stuff:
Front Windshield – Acrylic plexiglass
AS24 DOT Stamped & Certified
All Passenger Seatbelts
Foldable rearview mirrors
Dual turn signal lights
Horn and Reverse Buzzer
Rearview Mirror
Reflex Reflectors
Federal VIN #, check with your dealership on their options & process*

Bidirectional rack and pinion steering system
Hydraulic 4-wheel disc brakes
Rear wheel drive
Automatic Electromagnetic parking brake
Front Suspension
Independent suspension
Rear Suspension – integral rear bridge, single leaf spring + cylinder hydraulic damping
LED headlights : (High beams + Low beams, + daytime running lights)
LED tail lights: (Brake light, parking light, turn signals)
Horn and Reverse Buzzer
Driving Range >60 Minimum ground clearance (Ln)7.8″
Max grade (Full load): 20% Braking distance (Ft) <19.6
Max Capacity – Slope (Unloaded): 20% Braking distance <11.4

Tech Innovation:
10″ Touchscreen display
Blue tooth audio w/ Apple CarPlay & Android Audio technology
Automatic backup camera
Adjustable settings for brightness & driver position
Parking assist view (can be left on or turned off)
AM/FM Radio, with local frequency connections
Adjustable EQ/audio settings (based on music genre or customizable)
Adjustable wallpaper display
Phone connect, Navigation
Language changing capability
Analog Glowing clock
Hazard lights
12V, USB & PD (Type C) ports

Looks That Could Kill:
Seats – Color Matched Custom Stitching
Flooring: Custom non-skid rubber matting
Carbon fiber or Wood grain dash
Colors that POP!
Brush guard (lifted models)
Unique turn signals
Beefy tires
Mean body styles
Color matching upholstery
Venom branding

Other Unique Features:
Uniquely coded vehicle keys